Friday, June 26, 2015

Tools Review Tagul Word Cloud Week 4

The tool that I decided to play around with and research on is Tagul Word Cloud.  Tagul is a web service that enables you to create beautiful word clouds that you can place on your webpage or share with friends.  It looks really nice because of the fancy features like words inside of words, pretty fonts, many different cloud shapes and customizable colors.  Tagul Word Cloud is free to use except some features that can be accessible in premium subscription.  You also have the option to print what you have created.  I would use this in my classroom by first showing my students of my example on a topic in english, science or social studies.  You could have your students research a famous person or a certain topic and have them pick words/ information that describes that topic.  The students then can share with the class and even print out their Tagul Word Cloud as a visual.  Another thing you could do in the classroom is to use this as a gift for mothers day or fathers day.  The students could print the word cloud out and then frame it in a 4x6 frame. On the website it gives you step by step instructions to print so that it will fit in the frame.  I think this is a great site for students to get engaged, have a visual and to do something different and fun in the classroom. The students should be able to create this on thier own.  They may have trouble using the site and figuring our how it works but if the teacher shows them how to use it and the kids play around with it they will be fine.   It does help that everything is pretty much labeled and easy to find.  There are also FAQ on the website that is very helpful that the students and the teacher could use.  I really enjoyed making one about my husband Damien for fun!  I would love to make this a gift someday to print and frame for family and friends.  Check mine out!

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