Thursday, July 2, 2015

Week 4 PLN on TPACK

This week was all on TPACK in the classroom.  What is TPACK?  TPACK stands for tecnological, pedagogical, content knowledge.  Technology knowledge is the knowledge about standard technologies such as books, chalk, blackboard as well as more advanced technologies such as the interenet and digital video.  This involves the skills required to operate particular technologies.  You would need the knowledge of operating systems, computer hardware and the ability to use standard software such as word preocessors, spreadsheets, internet browers and email.  Pedagogical knowledge is deep knowledge of the process and practices or methods of teaching, learning and how it ecompasses overall educational purposes, values and aims.  This is a form of knowledge that is involved in all issues of student learning, classroom management, lesson plan development, implementation and student evaluation.  Content knowledge is the knowledge about the actual subject matt that is to be learned or taught.  Teachers must know and understand the subjects they teach.  Putting these all together it is the existence, components and capabilites of various techbologies that are used in teaching and learning settings, this are interactive tools.  In my future classroom I really want to be able to use technology in my classroom as much as I can.  I would like to use tablets, interactive disaplays, presentation tools and computer/laptops.  It will be a great way to get the students engaged and they will also learn so much since today it seems everything relies on technology.  Not only do I want my students to use technology I want to utilize it as well in teaching a lesson and activities.  This week was very interesting to me because I had no idea what TPACK stood for and how you could use it in the classroom.  I feel like it was a ton of information at once so I would like to explore more on it and get more ideas on how I can use it in my future classroom.

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