Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Teenagers View on Social Media

Hello everyone, my name is Ashley Phillippi.  I am 25 years old and live in Wadsworth.  I have lived in Ohio all of my life and grew up in Green.  I am married to an amazing husband and my best friend.  We are expecting our first baby girl in July and we are super excited!  I have my Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Akron.  I currently am a Title One Teacher for Akron public schools and I just love it!  I love to spend time with my family, friends and reading a good book!

I currently use Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest.  I used to use twitter but I didn't really care for it so I will only really be going on thier for our class.  I use Facebook and Snapchat quit a bit and sometimes a little to much!  Instagram I times post but I mostly just see what everyone else is up to.  Pinterest is a hit or miss with me sometimes I can be on there for hours and somedays it doesn't interest me at all.

All though I do enjoy all the social media I currently use, I do agree with the authors perspective of social media.  I thought this article was funny and the information was so true.  One of the many things that stood out to me was when he talked about Facebook and how in middle school/ high school everyone else has a Facebook so that is why you do to.  This is so true I got facebook when I was a junior in High School and honestly I think I just got one because everyone else did.  Today people do think it is weird if you don't have one just because it seems like everyone has one and is always on it.

I try to watch how I use my social media because I want to represent myself as a professional.  I know that whatever I post could come back to me in the future.  My Instagram and Facebook is set to private and I have to apporve anything before tagged, ect.

My inital thought on social media in the classroom is postive however I do get nervous as far as it being private and the safety of my students.  I want my students to be knowledgeable about technology but in a safe manor.  I would need to really make sure what we were using was private so no one from outside of the classroom could view it.  Also the students need to handle it well to because I would not want this to turn into bullying in school or at home.

I look forward to blogging more and working with everyone this semester!  This is my first blog so I hope this went well!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I think that every person has to try out a lot of social media tools and find the ones that work best for them. This mix of social will be a little different for every person. However, I feel like the skills need to use/navigate all the social tools are really similar. Would you agree?

  2. Yes I would agree that they are very similar.