Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tools Review Prezi Week 3

For this weeks tool review I chose to use Prezi.  Prezi is a presenation software that goes above and beyond.  People can share knowlege, tell stories and inspire thier audiences.  It gives you a limitless zoomable canvas and the ability to show realtionships between the big picture and small details.  The depth and context will make your messages more motivational and remembered.  Prezi helps you organize your thoughts and deliver them in a clearer way to catch your audience attention.  With Prezi you can create one online or offline and you are able to share it with your friends.  You can even present your Prezi from your own mobile device.  There are over 50 million users that has created over 160 million Prezis.  Not only can you make your own Prezi but you can search for Prezis that other users have shared and if you like what you see you can make a copy of it to keep!  For example, I typed in "vowel sounds" and the Prezi site brought up a ton of Prezis that has to do with phoincs.  This could be a great way to use in the classroom for presenting something on a certain topic or just a review topic such as "vowel sounds".  It keeps the interested and engaged!  It is also great that you can search for other Prezis to present topics as well.  I would use this in my classroom to change the learning up a little instead of having boring slide by slide, it is more engaging, fun, interesting and will keep the students attention on the topic.  Another way you can use it in the classroom is by letting the students make thier own Prezi on a certain topic and then have them present it to the classroom.  What makes it easy to use is there are a handfull of templetes students can choose from and all they have to do is type the information in the text boxes.  They then can play around with font, color and adding photos which is very similar to google slides or powerpoint.  Thier are also help videos, tips and support if the student would need extra help.  It will be challenging for students to get the hang of it first due to all of the zooming and out and trying to put text boxes in the right place but the best thing is there is a perview button before you would decide to share your work.  Below is a link to the short Prezi that I made about myself.  Check it out!

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