Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 2 on PLN

PLN stands for personal learning network.  PLN to me and other resources is aboutt making connections and personal relationship with other teachers, schools, adminstrators around the world.  Having a PLN is sharing different ideas, resoucres and learning new ideas.  We can share these ideas in many different media tools.  It takes time to buld these connections but is a globel network. PLNs can include tons of different communities such as facebook, blogs, twitter, wikis and linkedin and most of the learning takes place online.


Ther are ten tips that I found online on how to learn to network.
1. Connect
2. Contribute
3. Converse
4. Request
5. Blog
6. Tweet
7. Join Classroom 2.0
8. Use Google+
9. Be Patient
10. Be Authentic

I think PLN's are important because it gives you different ideas and gets you connected with other educators.  You may find different ideas that you have never heard of or you may have ideas that you could share with other educators as well.  I think it can be used in the classroom in many different ways but one great way that was mentioned in the article Please Tweet You was getting to talk to authors about books they have written.  In the article the students loved chating with the author of a book they read in the classroom they were able to ask her questions they had and she was able to give the students answers.  I would love to use this in my future classroom.  I would mainly use it after my students have read a book or a certain topic and contact the author for question and answer chat.  I really hope to learn more ideas to be able to use in my classroom.

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